Playing cards, marked all 4 corners

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Playing cards, marked all 4 corners

Red cards Cards in sealed boxes (product is only ONE pack)
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Have you noticed that most playing cards only have the number on two diagonal corners, which become covered up when the cards are fanned in the right hand so you can select them with your left! Most lefthanders hold cards this way (or would if it did not mean they could not see what they have in their hand). These playing cards have the number on all four corners so that everyone can play!

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Customer Reviews

  Splendid  Excellent cards!  (27/11/2013) -

  great  i bought these cards for my mother-in-law, who is left handed. and because they are marked on all 4 corners, they are great for everyone to use. thank you   (19/08/2008) ann marie -

  Excellent idea !!  I originally bought these playing cards for a left handed son of a friend but ended up ordering 3 packs - one for me, one for my sister and one for my friend's son ! Makes life so much easier - no struggling to fan the cards backwards so you can see what cards are in your hand - another brill idea!   (07/01/2009) Sarah Anstey -

    Has cut down on the friction between the children when they are playing, as the left handed child can now see the cards and play as quickly as the others.   (28/11/2013) -

  Two thumbs up!!  I'm so glad I found these cards! Funny thing is, I'm right-handed, but I'm a left-handed card player, and it's no fun at all, to be playing a game, and having to turn all the card around all the time. I'm a European living in the US and I'm sure glad I found these, Thanks.   (03/02/2013) Meidje - Kearney, NE, US

  What a surprise !  My fiancee wasn't aware that these even existed - now we can play cards without any awkward card fanning movements !! Thanks LeftHandShop !   (29/02/2012) -

  excellent solution to a long time problem  Got these for the lefty in my life. His mind was blown that he could actually play cards without having tondo some kind of awkward fan with them. This product is amazing. A total game changer!   (09/01/2015) -

  amazeballs!!  So comfortable to use allows me (left hander) and right handed friends to play card games in our common room in sixth form   (03/02/2013) hayley - lincoln

  Wow!  Simple and effective, love these !!!   (11/09/2010) Evonne - North Wales

  Grand  Aye, very good cards. Don't stick together like a lot of playing cards and very clear too.   (04/02/2013) -

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