Left-Hander's notepad, 60 sheet A6

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Left-Hander's notepad, 60 sheet A6

Left-Hander's notepad, 60 sheet A6 Left-Hander's notepad, 60 sheet A6 Left-Hander's notepad, 60 sheet A6
Our exclusive notepad has a left hand watermark on every page and is glued down the right-hand side for easy removal of sheets from left to right while writing with the left hand. 60 sheets/pad, A6 size 105mm x 148mm (4 in x 6 in)

*** These notepads are NOT A4 size - they are A6 which is ONE QUARTER of A4 size ***

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Customer Reviews

  My personal Notepad  These pads are great, just the right size and I love using them to remind my family and friends I am special! My 3 year-old granddaughter also thinks they're great and just for her (she is our only other lefty). Heaven help any right-hander who touches HER paper!  (13/02/2014) Gail - Australia

  great little note pad  these are great little note pads for leaving by the phone,writing post it notes. so less fiddly, i love them   (01/10/2008) donna glover from nuneaton -

    My daughter thinks this note pad is really great and uses it all the time.   (09/09/2010) Tasha's mum - surrey

  perfect size   bought a couple for me and also gave as stocking stuffer to lefty niece and nephew.   (24/02/2014) Jo - USA

  love it  I so enjoy the left hand pad - right size - like that you can turn to page 2 and your hand is not pressing on the glued edge so the first page comes off, can keep first page in tack   (31/05/2019) Louise - Summerland, BC CANADA

  Left Hander's Notebook Review  ,These pads are great, I keep a stock of them and use them all the time. They are a perfect size for jotting down lists and reminders. Unlike most other pads they peel off on the right hand side which makes writing much smoother and easier. I'm ordering more now!   (29/05/2010) Jennifer - Glasgow

  Nifty   Love it   (03/06/2019) Karyn - Nuneaton

  Good, portable notepad  Good size for taking everyday household notes or to take with you when on the go. Has the detachable side down the right hand side rather than left this makes it more comfortable for writing with your left hand as you can hold it open with your right hand so it doesn't close on you. Good quality.   (04/06/2019) Michelle Hill - Fife

  Handy to have  Great for writing lists. Great to see right handed people try and tear off a piece the wrong way - payback time!   (04/06/2019) CJG -

  Bargain!  I bought a few of these as a quirky cheap gift for me(!) and my lefty friends   (11/09/2010) Evonne - North Wales

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