Original Fish Minnow corkscrew left-handed Blue

Original Fish Minnow corkscrew left-handed Blue

Original Fish Minnow corkscrew left-handed Blue Original Fish Minnow corkscrew left-handed Blue
The Original Fish Minnow waiters corkscrew left-handed has a reversed screw design so it turns anti-clockwise into the cork - the natural direction for a lefthander. The sleek minnow styling features a "nose" that folds out to give a lever that can be positioned on the botttle rim to make it easy to lever out the cork, The lever attachment also includes a bottle cap remover tool. The "fin" on the top folds out to become a serrated cutting blade for removing the foil over the cork easily and neatly.
Overall length 140mm / 5.5 inches.
It comes in a glossy mid blue colour which looks great with the polished stainless steel nose tools and fin. This left handed minnow corkscrew makes a great gift for a lefthander who enjoys wine. It is also so attractive it makes a great bar ornament and if you leave it laying around for right-handers to use (or not!) they will soon see the difficulty us lefthanders normally face :)

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  The Minnow is a real corker  This cleverly-designed corkscrew is both aesthetically pleasing and totally practical. It's a wonderful, vibrant colour, has a lovely feel and is tough enough to pop the most stubborn of corks. It's the best corkscrew I've ever got to grips with. A great catch for a lefty wine lover.  (29/05/2016) Stuart Kinzett - Warwickshire

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I never believed it would make such a difference and how much fun I can have by getting my right-handed friends to try to use this corkscrew<

Bob S, London

Thanks for adding this to my order for me at the last minute - It arrived in time for the party and was a huge success :)

Jane, New York

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