Left handed products demonstration videos

Left handed products demonstration videos

We have produced a range of videos to explain what makes our products left-handed and give you demonstrations of how to use them.
We have also produced written explanations of how our products are left-handed.

Left handed scissors video

Cutting with left-handed scissors Why right handed scissors do not work for left handers and the problems left handed children have at school with scissors

Watch our left-handed scissors and cutting video

Left handed nail scissors video

Left-handed nail scissors Left handed nail scissors have the blades reversed so the top blade is on the left making it easy to see your cutting line and get a clean cut with them held in your left hand. Even right-handers need a pair of these to cut the nails on their right hand!

Watch our left-handed nail scissors video

Left handed kitchen items video

Left handed Kitchen Items

Left handed knives video

Left handed Knives

Left handed writing challenges video

Left handed Writing Challenges

Left handed writing problems video

Left handed Writing Problems

Left handed writing solutions video

Left handed Writing Solutions

Left handed writing equipment video

Left handed Writing Equipment

Ink eraser pen video

Ink Eraser Pen

Handi Writer video

HandiWriter writing aid

Left handed stationery items video

Left handed stationery items

Left handed playing cards video

Left handed playing cards

Left handed Swiss Army knives video

Left handed Swiss Army Knives

Block calendar video code

Left handed Block Calendar Calendar for left-handers with interesting facts and information on each tear-off daily page

Watch our left-handed block calendar video

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