Everest Left handed tape measure, retractable 5m / 16 ft

Everest Left handed tape measure, retractable 5m / 16 ft

Everest Left handed tape measure, retractable 5m / 16 ft Everest Left handed tape measure, retractable 5m / 16 ft
Tape Measure markings are the correct way round for lefthanders when you extend the tape measure by fixing the end then pulling it away with your left hand (in both Imperial & Metric scale) - the same as our left-handed rulers with the scale running from right to left. This is a high quality tape measure that features:

5 metre and 16 feet length marked in cm/mm and Inches divided into 1/32 inches with 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inches highlighted
Robust plastic body with soft touch rubber grip and thumb lock to fix the tape in position when open to the correct length
Stainless steel blade is printed with large easy to read measurements that have been heat treated for durability
Tape measure markings are set Right to left
Quick touch blade brake to slow retraction speed where needed & it even has a shock absorber where the blade tip meets the tape measure
Highly accurate rated as EU Class II with stainless steel blade tip

Ref: 793

Customer Reviews

  I love this tape measure  I absolutely love this tape measure, Im on my 3rd one already, absolutely nothing wrong with it, its just my job as a Decorator, it has accidentally fallen into my bucket of wallpaper paste!!! 😢 I just wish Id discovered this site years ago. Love it love it love it   (28/02/2019) Painter & Decorator - Lancashire

  Belt clip  This is a great product but the belt clip is on the wrong side of the tape measure case. It should be on the right side of the case.   (10/08/2018) David M Garcia - San Antonio, Texas

  Utterly brilliant... there's just one thing wrong  It was so lovely to pick up a tape measure, open it and go "The numbers aren't upside down!" However to be truly left-handed the belt clip needs to be on the other side. Try fixing it to a belt and see what happens. This is a leftie tape in a rightie casing, so for that it loses a star I'm afraid   (27/08/2018) Barbara - Lancashire

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