Left Handed Childrens Scissors

Left Handed Childrens Scissors

All our children's scissors have rounded blade tips for safety. They are perfect for cutting paper, card and thin material. NOTE: Young children should always be supervised when using scissors.

Watch our video on why lefthanders cannot use right-handed scissors plus how to use left-handed scissors and why they work so much better.

Watch our more detailed video on left-handed scissors and cutting with particular regard to children.

Lightweight child scissor left handed 2 finger grip 140mm/ 5.5in.


First left-handed scissors for children 125mm / 5 in. age 4 - 7


Maped left handed childrens scissors Reflex 3D Vivo 120mm / 4.75 inch

Handle colours

Maped left handed child scissors Sensoft 3D 130mm / 5 inch

Handle colours

Maped left handed scissors for children Sensoft 3D 160mm / 6 inch

Handle colours

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