Calligraphy for Children

Calligraphy for Children

The ancient art of Calligraphy can be a beautifully expressive art form, and an ideal way to nurture enjoyment of writing. Special nibs achieve the mixture of thin and broad strokes in calligraphy, and for left-handers the nib needs to be specifically angled to create the letter forms successfully, as in all our pens and sets.
Sometimes pens with wider nibs like these can take a while to get the ink flowing. One good way of getting reluctant ink pens to start is to run the nib under a trickle of water from a tap and that can start pulling the ink through, then wipe carefully on some kitchen paper and you are off.
The calligraphy pens do have wider nibs than normal so it is important to make sure the flat end of the nib sits flat on the paper - they are designed with a left handed angle so that should be relatively easy in a normal writing position for a lefthander.

Manuscript individual calligraphy nibs Left Handed

Nib width

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