Swiss army knife, left-handed Classic 10

Swiss army knife, left-handed Classic 10
These genuine Swiss Army knives from WENGER offer uncompromising quality fully adapted to left-handed needs. The knives feature inverse machining on all the main tools and inverse assembly for convenience, comfort and safety in the left hand. Fully left-handed corkscrew, thumbnail cut-outs on the correct side of the blades and a full 5 year written warranty. This model incorporates:


The thumb cut-outs for opening the blades have been reversed so they can be opened using the right thumb while holding the body of the knife in the left hand. Includes:

Main Features

Left Handed ergonomics
Can opener
Large blade
Small blade
Corkscrew (turns anti-clockwise)
Screwdriver with safety lock system (patented) - cap lifter - wire bender
Keyring loop
8.5cm x 2.5cm
5 year warranty

Ref: 611

Customer Reviews

  Really useful  I bought this for my 12 year old (left handed) son. We do a lot of camping and he's often found it awkward to open and use my (right handed) knife, so this was ideal. It is well designed and easy to you - an excellent buy!   (26/04/2012) Camper Dad - Reading

  Brilliant  As im going traveling for a year. this left-handed piece of equipment will be great help. i failed to use the right handed knife and kept getting fustrated till i found this! life-saver!   (08/06/2012) Helen - Penzance

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