Yoropen Pencil Mini 2B lead refills (tube of 10)

Yoropen Pencil Mini 2B lead refills (tube of 10)
These softer 2B lead refills are for the Yoropen Mini pencil (but can also be used in the full size Yoropencil as the lead units are the same size)

The refills are in a tube of 10 units (each Mini pencil has a lead unit in the writing position plus another 6 spares inside the body of the pencil).

To refill the Yoropencil Mini:
  1. Pull the grey plastic body of the used lead off of the writing tip
  2. Put it point first into the other end of the pencil and push it in firmly to advance the other leads that are in the body
  3. Once it is fully in, hold the pencil tip down and a new lead should drop out (shake it a little if not)
  4. Push the new lead unit onto the tip of the pencil

NOTE - the grey 2B softer lead units supplied with this pencil and the harder HB white lead units from the full length Yoropencil are the same size and are interchangeable. You can use either lead in each of the pencils so choose extra refills for the type of lead you prefer. The softer 2B leads are better for younger children as they are less prone to sticking into the paper or breaking. Both of the lead types are non-smudge.

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Just want to tell you how happy I am with the Yoropen set I ordered. It came in 2 days - wow! I am an occupational therapist and I work with a boy with a finger deformity. This pencil gives him a wonderful shelf to put his finger on - his grip is more stable and his control will definitely improve using this! Thank you!<

Kathleen M. Murray, Massachusetts USA

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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