Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen


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Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen

Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen Yoropen refillable ballpoint pen
The most effective ergonomic pen ever designed, the award-winning Yoropen overcomes the problems often associated with left-handed writing.

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The unique design of the Yoropen makes it perfect for left-handers, since it creates the perfect pen grip, requires far less effort to use, and banishes smudging forever! The triangular soft rubber grip area can be rotated to give you the perfect writing position for your style and grip.

With it's offset head position it helps you achieve three important handwriting positions:
  1. Keep one inch (25mm) between fingers and paper to give a clear view of what you are writing and avoid smudging
  2. Keep one foot (300mm) between your eyes and the paper so you get the best focus and avoid leaning over too far
  3. Keep one fist width (about 4 inches / 100mm) between your body and the desk so you have a good spine position
+++ PLEASE NOTE! Whilst the spare refill matches the colour of the pen and the one inside the pen usually does as well, the manufacturer sometimes uses a different colour inside the pen (but always Blue or Black) +++

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The stylish Yoropen combines a sleek design, with a moveable rubber grip that can be positioned for the perfect writing angle and the offset writing tip that gives you a better view of your writing and helps avoid smudging.

The Yoropen is available in either a blue body with blue ink or a black body with black ink and has a 1.0mm writing tip. Supplied on a sealed card with one ink refill inside the pen and a spare as well. Additional refills are available in blue or black ink and each fits either colour pen.
Note that the writing tip has a tiny plastic protective cover that needs to be removed to start the ink flow before you begin writing with it.
This model was previously known as the "Yoropen Superior"

To put a new refill in the Yoropen Ballpoint Pen:
  1. Unscrew the silver knurled fitting holding the writing tip in place
  2. Remove the writing tip together with the small plastic fitting that seals the end of the pen (leave it in place on the silver screw piece so it stays the correct way round)
  3. Remove the empty ink unit from the body of the pen
  4. Take the plastic supporting piece off of the bend in the new ink unit and also remove the cap protecting the writing tip
  5. Slide the new ink unit into the pen body
  6. Place the screw fitting with the plastic seal on it over the end of the writing tip and screw back into place
  7. Remove the tiny plastic seal on the end of the writing tip to start the ink flow

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Customer Reviews

  Pen  This is a simple yet amazing solution for us lefties! I was so excited to receive this pen, something so simple righties take for granted, but for us lefties, no more trying to see what you writing and no more ink all over our hands, a must buy!  (12/02/2014) -

  This is awesome! . . . & I am right-handed  I saw the potential of this product and bought one for my son about 5-6 years ago. It made a huge difference to him. A month ago I bought 1 for a lefty mate in church, and it has revolutionise his note-taking. He loves it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PRODUCT! God Bless & have an awesome life.   (27/11/2013) James - Manukau, NZ

  "Best gift ever"  My brother's comments when he received this pen for his birthday. 54 years old and he finally has a pen that allows him to write without smudging and looking awkward. He is just thrilled. Thanks for helping me become his "favourite" sister.   (27/11/2013) Alison Gower - Berowra

  Very happy with it  Recently bought Yoro pen from you. Very happy with it - the ink flow is perfect and I am getting used to the way of writing with it. Will be getting more for left handed friends. Thank you.   (02/12/2013) Elizabeth S - UK

  Excellent Pen!  I've been using this pen for months now. I carry it around with me for all my note taking needs. I can finally write without turning paper through 90 degress.   (13/01/2009) Jerry Ward -

    Really pleased with this pen, it is excellent.   (02/10/2010) Brendan Scott -

    I have been using this pen for several months now and its great! i write alot at work and i have alreay used one refil. This pen has made my wrting more readable and clearer to read with out smudging. I dont think i will ever go back to a 'normal' pen.   (11/09/2008) Laura Arkison -

  excellant service & very helpful pen    (03/10/2010) -

  Excellent product!!  I have been using these pens for a few years now and find they do help me keep my writing neater and I get no smudging. They were not available for a while and I was so happy when they were back in stock and I could get them again.   (29/11/2013) Judy Carrick - Canada

  What a great idea!  I love this pen! I've been using it for about two months or so and am so happy I purchased it. It does ease the effort on your hand when writing. I also do not see any smudging as I did with other 'normal' pens. I highly recommend this pen for all left-handers!   (06/08/2008) Pam Carey -

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Just want to tell you how happy I am with the Yoropen set I ordered. It came in 2 days - wow! I am an occupational therapist and I work with a boy with a finger deformity. This pencil gives him a wonderful shelf to put his finger on - his grip is more stable and his control will definitely improve using this! Thank you!<

Kathleen M. Murray, Massachusetts USA

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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