Waiter's corkscrew left-handed

Waiter's corkscrew left-handed

Corkscrew with screw and lever open Foil cutter jaws open Lever support with two positions on slider Foil cutter being positioned on the bottle top Foil cutter in the closed cutting position In position to start levering out the cork The bottle with foil neatly cut and cork removed
The traditional professional corkscrew design, with a fully reversed anti-clockwise screw thread so you can open bottles in the natural left-handed direction. No more trying to hold the corkscrew still while you rotate the bottle, just wind it into the cork naturally with your left hand then use the lever action to easily remove the cork.

Foil cutter - The end of the corkscrew has two moveable jaws that each have two sharpened rollers - just position the jaws over the bottle top, squeeze them into position with your thumb and forefinger and then rotate around the top of the bottle to cut off the top of the foil cap easily and neatly. No need to buy a separate foil-cutter, this does the job perfectly!

Two position lever support - you sometimes find with this type of corkscrew that you cannot lift the main handle high enough to completely remove the cork and then have to screw it in further or bend the cork and risk breaking it. This clever design has two positions for the lever support that goes onto the top edge of the bottle - the first one gets the cork started on its way out then the second one gives you a longer lever to completely remove the whole cork.

We have tried many corkscrew designs over the years and we think this is the best one yet AND the manufacturer has made it for us with a left-handed screw!
Make opening your bottles a pleasure by turning the corkscrew in your natural direction. Or leave it laying around for right-handers to use (or not!) and they will see the difficulty you normally face :)

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Customer Reviews

  Great Product  My brother in law is left handed. He did not know he needed a left handed corkscrew until he received his as a Christmas gift. He loves it!  (13/02/2014) -

  I Love This Corkscrew!  Finally -- the perfect corkscrew for lefties. I like the built-in foil cutter and using the corkscrew is a breeze. I can't wait to ask one of my right-handed friends to open up a bottle for me....they have no idea what us lefties go through on a daily basis living in a right-handed world.   (11/02/2014) Mary - Brooklyn, NY, USA

  Just What I (He) Needed  My friend had fairly trashed his right handed corkscrew (and many corks), so, I purchased this as a gift for him. His sigh of relief when receiving it was worth a million dollars.   (19/11/2014) - Kentucky, USA

  every (left-handed) home should have one  say goodbye to broken corks - it does what it says on the packet, and it's greatfun to watch your unsuspecting right-handed guests making a mess out of opening bottles !   (28/11/2013) -

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I never believed it would make such a difference and how much fun I can have by getting my right-handed friends to try to use this corkscrew<

Bob S, London

Thanks for adding this to my order for me at the last minute - It arrived in time for the party and was a huge success :)

Jane, New York

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