Left handed swivel blade peeler

Left handed swivel blade peeler
This peeler is for left-hand use only and is for peeling towards you with the left hand. It has a sharp swivel blade that required only a light action to easily strip the peel from fruit and vegetables. It also has a small side blade for removing blemishes.

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Customer Reviews

  Love It  I ordered this online after struggling with right handed peelers & I love it. The swivel blade is tricky at first but once you figure it out it works great.  (13/02/2013) -

  OK but not a Mercedes Benz  I live in Cape Town S Africa & have struggled for years since my last spec.potato peeler broke. I ordered this product and initially struggled with the swivel blade, but eventually worked it out. It's sharp, but honestly, if Id had a chance to try it out first, I probably would NOT have bought it.   (03/02/2013) Carolynn - South Africa

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