Sattler moulded pencil grip, pack of 3

Sattler moulded pencil grip, pack of 3
The Sattler Grip is an innovative design which gently guides the fingers into the ergonomically correct writing position. Fits on Pencils, Markers, Pens, Crafting Knives, Brushes etc. Can be used left or right handed and is marked with the correct positions for each hand.

The pliable and pleasant feeling material is guaranteed free of toxic substances and the "Pressure Feedback System" cushions the pressure and prevents the user from holding the writing instrument too tightly.

Left-handers place their thumb on the recess marked with "L"
Right-handers Persons place their thumb on the recess marked with "R"

The grips are provided in sets of three with one each of red, green and blue.

Ref: 227F

Customer Reviews

  Brilliant product  Bought this product for my left-handed 4 year old daughter and her writing improved straight away. I would recommend buying them.  (09/06/2014) -

  Very good  Got these for my 6year old daughter, and noticed a rapid improvement in her pencil grip. She likes using them as well, so we don't have to argue about it, which is a relief.   (29/07/2016) -

  Fab!  I love these! I have to write a lot in my job & these are great because they're 'squidgey'& feel nice on my fingers when I write. I've seen something like this elsewhere but (of course) they're made for right handers. Hooray for Anything Left Handed!   (03/04/2011) -

  A great success  I bought these grips for my daughter (aged 4) and they have worked really well - she now holds her pens and pencils in a much more comforable way. Thanks!   (16/11/2012) Alison MacDonald - Oxford

  amazing    (10/07/2010) -

  Useful for anyone  Bought these for my left-handed son but have been using them myself as well and found them really comfortable! My writing has always been appalling and I realise now that I've never known how to hold a pen properly. Well worth getting   (03/08/2011) -

  Super comfortable for left- or right-handed  I got these for my left-handed son, but have been using one myself since I tried it. AFter too many years of stuyding and taking notes at full speed I had come to hate writing by hand, but now the pressure is relieved.   (21/02/2012) Barbara - London

  Really Works!  This has really helped my 6-year old left-handed daughter with holding the pencil properly. Recommended!   (16/11/2012) Teri A - North Carolina, USA

  Best around  Having tried many, many grips over the years this is the product of choice for my 24 year old daughter!   (12/07/2016) Ruth - SW Ireland

  good  both my sons use these to help correct their grip. my mother who is left handed but made to write with her right hand found it so much comfier to hold her pen in the left hand   (29/02/2012) -

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Thank you also for the swift flexibility of service. My son will be 'well-impressed' when he receives his turquoise cartridges with the matching pen to put them in.<

Michelle Giddings

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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