LH Writing 1 - Fabulous fine motor skills

LH Writing 1  - Fabulous fine motor skills
The objective of book 1 of this series is to establish good basic habits of paper positioning and pencil hold and to develop the fine motor skills needed for accurate and consistent writing at a later stage. The book takes the young writer from basic pencil handing and co-ordination exercises through to formation of letters and simple short words. Each page is an entertaining mix of games and puzzles, which parent and child will enjoy doing together, with Billy Beetle, Sam Spider, Willie Woodlouse and Sally Snail leading the left-handed child through the series of enjoyable worksheets designed to give them the best possible start in learning to write. The letters and examples all have the lead in and out for cursive script so they can join together as the writing advances.

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Left handed writing skills is a new series of books for left handed children with guidelines for parents and teachers. It is the first set of books ever to focus just on left-handers and has been written by Mark and Heather Stewart, who have a left-handed son of their own and have been working with lefthanders form many years. They have created an invaluable resource for left-handers learning how to form their letters and numbers. Beautifully presented, the series makes learning to write fun in gradual steps. The pages are bound from the top of each worksheet allowing for the left hand to relax and meet a level surface with no obstacles.

The books are A4 in size (210 x 297mm) and each one includes guidance notes on writing technique and skills development plus 28 full colour worksheets, each with guidance and tips. There is also a lined practice sheet that you can photocopy and a reference guide to the correct left-handed formation of all the letters and numbers.

On this page your child will learn how to make the shape of the letter S. To keep the child's interest and to help them practice the letter 's' there is an exercise at the bottom of the sheet.

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Customer Reviews

  Wish I'd had these books when I was little !!  A really good set of 3 books (look for LH Writing 2 and 3 as well !) I would start with this 1st one at reception age / older pre-school - good for right handed parent's too - really helped my friend to understand some of the early problems her son was having as a LH at school. Buy all 3 books!  (07/01/2009) Sarah Anstey -

  Very helpful  My 4 year old daughter had been struggling to form her letters and with two right handed parents we'd stuggled helping her but with this book she is learning how to tilt the paper and form her letters better and faster then we imagined. Fun pages with mazes and cute pictures to go with the letters.   (05/12/2012) Erin - Michigan

  Does what it says  My 4 year old is finding this VERY useful at helping her learn to write. We did not know where to start and this has really helped with positioning.   (29/01/2011) Samantha - Lancashire

  lifesaver for a struggling 5yr old.  This book has transformed the handwriting of my granddaughter.Her mother and class teacher are both left handed but they too have benefited hugely from the hints and tips the book gives.I cannot be more pleased with this gift I purchased from you. Thank you.   (19/11/2010) PAL - S.W.England

  good  Very good   (08/01/2009) Yufeng Yuan -

  Fantastic help  I suddenly realised my son really didn't know how to form letters etc in a left handed way. We do a little of this book every night & its making such a difference. I would urge all parents of lh children to buy this, the writing mat & the wrist support. Makes such a difference.   (13/02/2013) Helen -

  Excellent introduction to writing  I had no idea how to help my left-handed four year old with writing and was worried I'd teach him the wrong way before he started school, but this book is brilliant, full of great tips and very reassuring.   (05/08/2011) -

  Brilliant. Well laid out, easy to folow and fun.  Even though my 8 year old knows this stuff we have started with the first book so that all he needs concentrate on is his position and grip. 3 weeks in already big improvement and he enjoys it so much he asks to do more and this is the summer hols!! I am so grateful and love these books!   (09/08/2011) Emma - South Manchester

  A Life Saver!!  Fabulous fine motor skills eases any confusion of writing as a lefty, and is so creative i forget I'm practicing.   (04/04/2011) -

  Really helpful  My son really enjoyed this book, and it is helping him with his motor control. Would definitely recommend it.   (28/07/2010) -

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It was amazing for me to watch my son who had previously resisted my every attempt at getting him to write his letters. Today he sat with his Left Handed Writing book and markers and happily went through page after page. Because I'm not left-handed it's easy for me to forget the obstacles he faces, but I can see that I will likely be using your website in the future to provide left handed gear for my son.<

Celeste - Ohio USA

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