Left Write writing guide mat (Download)

Left Write writing guide mat (Download)

Right handed version of the writing mat

We have produced a writing sheet that can be used as a mat on the child's desk or table to remind them of the basics for easy left handed writing - paper angle, hand position and grip and letter formations.

It is provided as a full colour A3 sized (420mm x 295mm / 17.5 in x 11.75 in) Adobe PDF file with guidelines for positioning and an A4 sized (210mm / 8in) wide lined writing sheet to give the perfect position. This will print at high quality on an A4 or A3 printer in either colour or black and white depending what sort of printer you have available.

This is a set of two download documents, NOT a physical writing mat that will be posted to you. Once you complete your payment you will be sent a link by email that will allow you to download the documents as Adobe PDF files (see note below) and you can then print it as often as you want on your own printer.

If you are ordering JUST the download Ebook without any physical products you can do a fast payment on our Left Handed Children site without entering your full address details etc using Paypal (or a card, no Paypal account needed).
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Right handed version of the writing guide sheet

We know many of you have right-handed children as well as left and it is also useful to point out the differences in the way they write things so we have produced a fully right-handed version of the mat as well and it is included in this product - you get 2 for the price of 1. Click the small image above to see a picture of the right-handed version.

PDF Format / Adobe reader

The guide is provided as a download file in Adobe PDF format, one of the most widely used formats for downloadable documents on the web that works on most types of computer. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view, save and print the document. If you do not already have Adobe Reader you can get a copy free from the Adobe website
Click here to download the free Adobe Reader
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Physical version of this product - A3 laminated mat, 2 sided

We have also had this item produced as a wipe-clean laminated mat printed A3 size in full colour and with the left-handed version on one side and the right-handed version on the back.
Click this link to see details and order the physical mat to be posted to you

It is the small things you do to help your child while they
are young that will make a big difference as they get older.

Ref: 639D

Customer Reviews

  Very useful  As a right hander myself I really had no idea how difficult it was for my daughter to follow the "rules" I use. This mat had helped her and me to keep the page where it should be. I have laminated it and hey presto, right every time!!  (13/02/2014) -

  My daughter loves it  Very helpful for keeping paper in the correct position. I laminated one as well to make it reuseable when used with a white board pen.   (27/11/2013) -

  VERY HELPFUL  Brilliant for positioning the sheet and well designed with the letters all around the edge. As a download you can print it as many times as you want and keep several copies in different places.   (03/07/2011) -

  very helpful  My daughter was struggling with keeping her handwriting neat due to smudging until we tried the position shown on the mat, now she is doing much better.   (05/06/2014) -

  Great product - really useful  Fantastic product, it helps with the positioning of the paper and shows you the correct formation of the letters. Being a download, you can print it off as many times as you like so there is no need to worry about things getting damaged or written on.   (18/11/2010) Heather Daluz - Warrington

  A must have!   Number one item for proper writing skills development.   (20/11/2010) -

  Excellent  I got this for a friend of mine whose little boy(6)is left handed but she is right handed. She knew he might have problems with his writing but had no idea how to help him. This fitted the bill nicely. I also keep a spare at the nursery where I work in case any child might benefit from it.   (16/12/2013) Chris Fyles - Berkshire

  very helpful  I got this for a friend's daughter, who was having trouble writing. Being left-handed myself, I knew this would be helpful. She loved it, and her mom says it is a grea help.   (27/11/2013) Dani - Bradshaw USA

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It was amazing for me to watch my son who had previously resisted my every attempt at getting him to write his letters. Today he sat with his Left Handed Writing book and markers and happily went through page after page. Because I'm not left-handed it's easy for me to forget the obstacles he faces, but I can see that I will likely be using your website in the future to provide left handed gear for my son.<

Celeste - Ohio USA

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