Left-handed leather purse / pocketbook

Left-handed leather purse / pocketbook

Left-handed leather purse / pocketbook Left-handed leather purse / pocketbook Left-handed leather purse / pocketbook
Hand made for us in Europe from best quality Italian calfskin leather, this is a high quality item that has had the design completely reversed so it can be opened left-handed without all the card and note slots being upside down! The snap clip to open the main pockets has also been reversed so it opens with the left thumb.
This is a top-end leather item that will last many years.

+++ We are looking for a new manufacturer but do not have anyone who will make it for us at the moment. If we do get more in stock we will announce it in our Left-Handers Club email newsletter - if you are not already a member, register free using this link:
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* Size when closed 145mm x 100mm (including clip) (5.75 in x 4.0 in)
* Depth when closed (empty) 25mm (1.0 in)

Popper closer on main wallet compartment opens left-handed to give access to:
* 2 large note or paper storage compartments
and in the separate flap area:
* on the left, large compartment with transparent front
* on the right, 4 card slotsand a further compartment behind them

Snap fastener on the other side opens using the left thumb to reveal 2 large pockets with leather flaps top and bottom to make sure nothing falls out.
* Compartment behind the interior card slots with a slide out transparent folder, ideal for a special photo
* Coin pocket with popper close

* Embossed "Left handed" on the inside

Available in black leather only

Didn't you used to do a cheaper purse?
The cheaper leather items we used to stock were purchased many years ago from a manufacturer in Pakistan and we had no end of complaints about the quality with zips breaking, linking tearing, stitching coming loose etc. Apart from leaving us with a lot of frustrated customers it also cost us a lot of money as we had to provide free replacements or refunds. When that stock ran out (we have to buy in quite large quantities to get these things made left-handed at all) we took the view that it would be better to have a top quality product that we could be proud of and customers would not complain about so we have persuaded a reputable European manufacturer to make a left-handed version of their products for us using top quality Italian calfskin leather.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. We did look at a lot of other retailers' product ranges and for the quality of the product we feel the prices are in line with other sources (though of course theirs are all right-handed!). We also felt that as our customers have gone out of their way to purchase a specially designed left-handed item, often as a gift, they would not want to be disappointed with an inferior quality product.

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Customer Reviews

  Left Handed Purse  This was a prersent for my left handed wife . She is extremely please with its ease of use, construction and general feel to it. It is used daily!! Highly recommend   (03/02/2013) Graham - Beaconsfield

    Left handed purse, I bought this for my friend and she was absolutely delighted with the quality. Its the first one she has had and to start with was still turning it upside down as she had always had a conventional purse, she wouldn't be without it now. Any chance of getting different colours ?   (05/06/2014) Joan Holgate - Merseyside

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