Left handed keyboard with layout for left handed use

Left handed keyboard with layout for left handed use

Left handed corded keyboard in box Left handed keyboard with layout for left handed use
This left handed keyboard from A4 Tech is designed with the numeric keypad on the left for easy and fast use by lefthanders. The left handed keyboard is also designed with the main letter keys in an "A" layout which is more efficient and keeps the hands and wrists in a straight line to avoid RSI.

Because of the weight, this keyboard can only be delivered to UK addresses.

Ref: 650

Customer Reviews

  Best Keyboard ever!!!  Just love this keyboard. I'm now on my third keyboard!! It makes processing my work quicker & easier!! Would recommend to any left hander.  (27/11/2013) Carol Lunney - Sydney Australia

  Good for righties too  I'm not actually left-handed, but I wanted this because it makes sense to have the mouse on the opposite side to the number pad. Works fine, much mroe comfortable for my right wrist. Nice quality build.   (16/11/2012) -

    i bought this keyboard to use in work, as i have previously had to use the rsi guard program to alter the tab and delete keys, this keyboard is fantastic, keys are in the right place, very easy to get used to, could not be without this now, thanks   (19/11/2013) lynn roberts - wales

  The numbers are on the right side for a lefty!  If you have to put your keyboard at an angle to use the number keys whether it be at home or work then this is the keyboard for you, it makes life so much easier & more comfortable. You can also out fox your right-handed friends & family when they try to use it!!   (21/09/2012) -

    I like this keyboard very much. But to be perfect for lefities, the numbers on the left side should be inverted, because our index finger is supposed to press the number 1, rather than our ring finger...   (25/06/2013) Renata - Brazil

  pretty good  like having the numbers on the left obviously,but would have also liked the delete and up and down keys there as well.maybe thats because I still type one-handed!   (12/02/2014) accountant - stafford

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