Using the Yoropen is great for left-handers

The unique design of the Yoropen makes it perfect for left-handers, since it creates the perfect pen grip, requires far less effort to use, and banishes smudging forever! The angle of the pen ensures that you can clearly see what you are writing as your hand does not obstruct your field of vision. The offset portion prevents fingers from slipping down towards the pen tip, allowing for a more relaxed grip, and so improving posture, saving energy and reducing writing strain. What is more, the Yoropen has a tripod grip that can be rotated until you find your most comfortable writing position.

The improved ease and comfort achieved with the Yoropen makes it ideal for writing over sustained periods such as exams, for teaching children to write and for those with handwriting difficulties or disabilities.

The Yoropen and pencil have been tried and tested by handwriting experts, teachers and children and always with a positive result, as shown from the following endorsements:

I was introduced to the Yoropen and have discovered hat many children, particularly left-handed users have found it helpful. I have received comments such as, "I feel that I can sit up straight and see and not get backache" and "I found this pen very easy to write with and did not need to move the paper as much".’ The main benefits for left-handed users seem to be associated with being able to see what they are writing, resulting in evenly spaced writing and the fact that the Yoropen offers more comfort and less pain.
Laura Barnett
Paediatric Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

The pen does what it claims - by reducing strain, improving the field of vision, encouraging correct hold and assisting left-handers. It should be particularly welcomed by educational and physiotherapy professionals as another valuable resource to help their work. A great success.
Michael Woods
Editor of the Journal of the Writing Equipment Society

"My handwriting has improved and my mum really likes it. With an ordinary pencil you cannot see what you are writing, but with Yoro you can!"
Natalie aged 7

The Yoropen is the most effective ergonomic pen ever designed. It won the gold medal at the Geneva 2002 Salon International Invention awards, the world's largest and most prestigious invention fair.