Using a left-handed craft knifeThe blade on a craft knife is extremely sharp, so the correct design and a comfortable secure grip in the left-hand is absolutely vital. Our craft knives have a trapezoid shaped blade with a dual edge and it can be easily set up before use to work for a left-hander, with the thumb control for the blade on the correct side.

Our Safety Retractable Blade knife uses the left thumb to push out the blade for use, but the pressure whilst cutting keeps the blade out without any further use of the thumb. Once the blade is lifted from the cutting surface, the blade automatically retracts rapidly back into the handle for safety. This is ideal where you need to keep picking up and putting down the knife between jobs.

The auto-locking craft knife has the same shaped blade, but can be locked into 5 different cutting positions, again using the left thumb. Comfortable non-slip rubber grip makes these knives strong, accurate and comfortable to use. Both are ideal for cutting paper, cardboard, carpet and all arts and crafts.

CAUTION: Blade extremely sharp. Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children!