Manuscript Calligrapher's Deluxe set left-handed

Manuscript Calligrapher's Deluxe set left-handed

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This set comes in a sturdy tin with foam insert to hold the nibs securely and contains the Deluxe Manuscript Calligrapher's Pen with a selection of 6 left-handed calligraphy nibs, 4 ink cartridges (black, blue, red, green) and an ink converter for using bottled ink. With full instruction and nib service leaflets.

Nib sizes:
  • Fine (0.85mm)
  • Medium (1.1mm)
  • Broad (1.35mm)
  • 2B (1.6mm)
  • 3B (2.2mm)
  • 4B (2.8mm)

NOTE - this is a fully left-handed set with the specially designed left-handed nibs already installed in the pen nib units. There is no need to get any of the nibs changed.

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Customer Reviews

    Great set, good price. Gave it a quick test and it wrote nicely, now just need to learn how to use it properly.  (13/02/2014) Emily - Perth

  Superb  Did just what it said on the tin - All you have to add is your own special kind of Talent. A Bargain.   (04/03/2011) Brian - WOKINGHAM

    Utter joy to find this set,after a long search.Fantastic quality,price and service!Wonderful handwriting is important to me,and at last I have the pen and nibs needed.I use these everyday,for anything handwritten,not merely for 'special'items.FANTASTIC !!   (03/08/2011) Jan Caddick - Worcs

  brilliant  Brilliant pen for left handers. so easy to use and now my writing looks so much better! It doesn't Leak and is simple to set up.   (29/11/2010) -

  Very pleased.   Why are left handed people forgotten? Great service and pleased with the set. Will look forward to doing some work with it very soon.   (06/12/2013) -

  Manuscript Calligraphers Deluxe set  Great set, at last a pen I can write with.   (09/08/2010) Kay - Somerset

  Wonderful  It was really good to pick up a pen and write with it and not have any problems at all. I was going to give up my calligraphy writing because I was always having so much trouble with pens but now I have MY OWN left handed pens it;s wonderful.   (04/02/2013) Janet Moriarty - Australia

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Thank you also for the swift flexibility of service. My son will be 'well-impressed' when he receives his turquoise cartridges with the matching pen to put them in.<

Michelle Giddings

I am most impressed by your efficiency and would highly recommend you.

D Townsend

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