Deluxe Gardening Set (over 10% Off)


Order any two or more of our Left Handed Products Sets and get an additional 10% discount off the price of each.

Deluxe Gardening Set (over 10% Off)

Deluxe Gardening Set (over 10% Off) Deluxe Gardening Set (over 10% Off) Deluxe Gardening Set (over 10% Off)
Essential tools for gardening, this set can be an ideal gift for Father's Day / Mothers Day / Christmas as well as birthdays, etc - indeed any time you are looking for a gift for a lefty ! Contains:

1 x Left handed Stafor Secateurs (784) - made in Italy
1 x Left handed Grafting Knife (786) - made in Italy
1 x Left handed Mini Hoe (854) - made in China

Items would cost £66.69 if bought individually - with this set you can save over 10% and buy this set for just £59.95

Products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details.

Stafor left-handed pruner

Fully left-handed by-pass pruner with reversed blades and thumb-operated centrally-positioned locking mechanism.
Stainless steel blades and non-slip polypropylene coated handles with a rubber shock-absorbing buffer between them.
Made in Italy.
Overall length 200mm / 7.8 inches
Cut capacity 19mm / 0.75 inch
Weight 225g / 8 ounces

Stafor left-handed pruning / grafting knife

Left Handed Pruning or Grafting Knife - with carbon steel blade reversed for left-handed use and with the thumb cut-out changed to make it easy to open with the right thumb when held in the left hand. Plastic handle for durability.
Made in Italy.

Left Handed Razor Hoe by Burgon & Ball

This razor sharp small hoe is just 30 cm long (12") and has a 12cm (4.7") sized cutting head so is an ideal hand-held garden tool for lefthanders.

It is forged from high carbon, laminated Japanese steel for strength - which also means that it keeps its edge sharper for longer. The handle is made from certified FSC hardwood.

To use it, simply draw through the soil towards you - effectively cultivating the soil and chopping / removing all the weeds in its path.

Having tried this in our garden, we can confirm that this product is really easy to use & yields great results - it is really good for clearing overgrown areas and removing nettles, dandelions and other common weeds. This is a serious bit of kit and once you have used it you will wonder, like I did, how you ever managed without it.

Ref: T34

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