Crochet unravelled

Crochet unravelled

Crochet unravelled
Crocheting for left-handers has just gotten easier! This book contains something for everyone interested in learning this traditional craft. The clear instructions and comprehensive illustrations will encourage complete beginners to learn quickly and confidently. Those with a passing knowledge will benefit from the step-by-step exercises and experienced crocheters will find new challenges among the 11 projects. Paperback 64 pages.

The illustrations provided within this book are for both left and right-handers and its great hints and tips will help you along the way. This book will take you from beginning to end in everything that it offers, starting with your basic stitches all the way to your finished article!

This great A5 sized book, has been proven to help complete beginners (and improvers, too) master the basics of crochet quickly and easily.

* Easy to follow and understand
* Fully illustrated for both left- and right-handers
* Step by step exercises
* Over 100 illustrations
* 6 clearly written projects
* Lots of hints and tips
* UK terminology (with a UK/USA conversion chart)
* Suitable for complete beginners

The original edition of Crochet Unravelled published in 2005 sold over 30,000 copies in the UK, and gained 145 5–star reviews on Amazon. This the revised features all the original content and diagrams plus additional stitches and techniques.

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Customer Reviews

  excellent book for someone new to crochet  I like how the book uses both visual and written instructions. It also has right handed pictures too - which is useful if like me you go to a knitting group with both left and right handed crafters  (04/06/2014) Jane - Stockport

  Excellent book for beginners  I recommended this book highly. It is an excellent introduction to crochet for everyone - the instructions are clear and easy to follow for both left and right handers (left page has left handed instructions, right page for right handers - not just token comments for left handers).   (01/07/2009) Karen - Cornwall

  Brilliant book for beginners  As a complete novice, found both the directions and diagrams easy to follow. my right handed teacher also found the book interesting!   (02/05/2013) -

  Simple to Follow  As a complete beginner at crochet i've found this book a really great resource. It has clear and simple instructions and pictures.   (11/06/2012) -

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