Carving Knife & Fork Set - stainless steel, boxed

Carving Knife & Fork Set - stainless steel, boxed

Carving Knife & Fork Set - stainless steel, boxed
High-quality stainless steel carving knife and fork set with plain blade bevelled on the right side for a clean, straight cut when used in the left hand.
Knife is 295mm / 11.5 inches overall length
Fork is 240mm / 9.5 inches overall length

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Just to say how fantastic your left-handed knives are! I don't normally rave about products I have bought, but this is wonderful! I make my own bread, which is difficult to cut at the best of times when it is still warm, but the wonky-slice problems are a thing of the past!<

Allison Townsend UK

I felt I just had to write to compliment you on your speedy service. I have tried the knives already and now have perfectly straight carrot batons, perfect halves in teacakes, thin straight cucumber slices and no sliced fingers! At this rate I might even get to enjoy cooking! Many thanks.

Geraldine Astbury

My husband bought me a left-handed bread knife and paring knife and they are brilliant! Don't know why I didn't buy them much earlier! Thank you

J.M. Payne

I purchased a set of LH knives and they are a revelation! Many thanks.

Robert, Reading UK

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