Backwards watch, Traditional face

Backwards watch, Traditional face

Traditional white face, 32mm diameter (1.25 inches), matt black leather adjustable strap suitable for all ages and both men and ladies (it is a fairly lightweight strap and maximum length is 190mm, 7.5 inches so probably not suitable for a large man's wrist unless you want to change the strap yourself). Backwards, anti-clockwise movement - a great idea for a unique gift or a treat for yourself.

To give an idea of strap sizing, we put it on a small ladies wrist (6.5 inches / 165mm aound) and it needed to be done up on the second tightest hole position.

This watch is battery powered and we despatch it with the time adjusting knob pulled out, which disconnects the battery so it does not run down in storage and delivery. Some models have a small plastic spacer inserted to keep the knob pulled out. You can just pull out the spacer, set the time correctly and push the knob back in to start the watch. The knob is only for adjusting the time as the watch is battery powered and does not need winding. When the battery does need changing, the back of the watch can be popped off, but is probably best to take it to a local jeweller or watch shop to do it for you.

Ref: 410E

Customer Reviews

    gnial, je vais en recommander 2 ou 3 au cas ou la production serait arrt.  (04/01/2009) -

  backwards watch  brilliant been looking for one of these for ages. Now having difficulty tell the time with a right handed watch.   (07/03/2011) Rita Debra - Sheffield England

    Just what i was looking for. Excellent service and arrived safely and securely.   (31/07/2010) -

  Great fun  A multiple purchaser of this watch .... better than a Rolex!   (27/04/2012) Tom - Australia

  Great present for the man who has everything  Bought two of these watches for my nephews (21 & 22 yrs old). They loved them as they're stylish and eccentric. I have one myself and it's great to watch peoples faces as they loook it and then try to figure why it doesn't make sense to them.   (15/08/2010) Jim - Ireland

  time's running  i am 50 years old (middleaged) and with your backward watch anticlockwise i will rebirth at 100! Good product, good website, good delivery, good package... p.s. I'm not left handed!   (02/10/2010) danilo filios - italy

  !citsatnaF  This watch is clever and fun. It will first confuse, then impress and finally jealousify your friends. Only minus is that it's not really specifically for lefthanded people since the little screw to adjust the time is on the right-hand side. Still, very worth the price.   (27/07/2010) Fred - Sweden

  Just perfect!  It was for a gift, but I like it too, and I get used to how to read it very quickly. On the other hand, 99% of the people who see it are telling the bearer: "hey, your clock is wrong!" and they're totally puzzled to see a backwards watch! Lots of fun -- and the watch works just fine.   (02/08/2010) Branger - Romania

    I had the first one about 10 years ago and wouldn't have any other type of watch. Add a silver stretch strap and it is perfect!   (22/04/2010) Roy - Peterborough

  Excellent  Broke my last one, so bought the same again, couldn't live without it!   (10/09/2010) Phillip - Surrey

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